Prepare your child to handle the transition from primary to secondary school with ease and confidence by giving them the social skills they need.

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Social Skills For Secondary School Success is designed for children who want….

To feel excited about making the transition to secondary school. For children who want to feel confident they’ll be able to make new friends easily, ‘fit in’ quickly and feel happy that they belong at their new school.

To feel confident speaking or reading out loud in front of any size audience, knowing how to manage their nerves, make their voice heard, share their opinions and views clearly, and ask for help confidently when they need it.

To feel more settled at secondary school with a better set of social skills to help them build stronger friendships and relationships, and improve their confidence in those uncomfortable moments of speaking out loud in front of others.

Get immediate access to Social Skills For Secondary School Success and give the gift of confident communication to your child. Let’s break down a few of the skills they’ll learn:


Learn how to make new friends easily.

They’ll feel confident to introduce themselves to someone new in any situation and never feel nervous about starting conversations. They’ll naturally develop meaningful friendships and relationships with children who accept them for who they are.


Learn how to use and read body language as they communicate.

They’ll understand how to use their body language and facial expressions to help  when speaking to others. They’ll learn how to build rapport and how to always be  clearly heard and understood by using eye contact and avoiding “lazy lips”


Learn how to make conversations feel easy and enjoyable.

They’ll master the use of ‘The Question Web’ so they never run out of interesting things to talk about which will help them handle awkward silences and answer tricky questions. They’ll know how to be an active listener to build rapport and strengthen friendships.


Learn how to confidently speak or read out loud in front of others.

They’ll know how to quickly and calmly manage their nerves whenever they arise, be able to overcome negative self-talk or limiting beliefts about public speaking and know how to adopt the best mindset for success when it comes to speaking or reading out loud in front of others.


Learn how to master the physical experience of speaking in front of an audience

They’ll be able to use their body language and facial expressions to connect with the audience and deliver their message confidently. 

They’ll know how to use the volume and speed of their voice so the audience can hear and understand them perfectly, and know how to adopt the perfect posture for success when they are standing or sitting in front of an audience.

Remove the pressure your child feels under to ‘fit in’ and succeed at secondary school by helping them have a set of techniques to use from the very first day they experience their new school environment.

Hi I’m Beth!

I’m a Communication Coach who’s passionate about simplifying every element of communication to help children enjoy communicating with confidence and clarity in a whole host of everyday situations by learning some simple techniques and strategies that I share with them.

We all know that life happens one conversation at a time, and my mission is to share everything I know about communication confidence and clarity with children in manageable, bite-sized chunks so they can thrive in every single one of those conversations!

Everything I coach and share has been proven to be simple to learn, easy to use and effective in delivering results, whether it is something I’ve brought from my corporate career, my public speaking background, or my kitchen table as a busy Mum, wife, daughter, Aunty and friend.

Take a Sneak Peek inside the course….


(VIDEOS 1-5)


Why making friends matters

  • The real goal of ‘Getting To Know People’
  • How you find your friends amongst the children you get to know
  • The different layers of friendship
  • Learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and attracting ‘your kind of people’
  • What to do when you meet children that don’t make you feel good


The easiest way to introduce yourself to someone new

  • Avoiding awkward silences
  • Why everyone wants to talk but no-one knows how to start a conversation
  • A fool-proof, non-embarrassing way to say hello 
  • How to find out someone’s name and remember it
  • How to start – or end – the conversation from that point


How body language and facial expressions help you

  • The subtle signs we send each other with our body language
  • Understanding how to manage your own body language
  • How to tell if someone is enjoying your conversation with them
  • What your face is saying to others when you speak
  • How the power of eye-contact works
  • Avoiding the trap of having ‘lazy lips’
  • The power of a smile 


How to make conversations feel easy

  • How to start a conversation with anyone, anywhere, for any reason
  • The power of asking open questions
  • How to master ‘conversational tennis’
  • How to avoid – or handle – awkward silences
  • How to handle tricky or unexpected questions
  • How to confidently end conversations


Why great listening skills are good to have

  • Why great communicators are also great listeners
  • How to be an active listener 
  • What questions to ask from what you’ve heard
  • What to do if you hear something that concerns you


(VIDEOS 6-10)


Let’s get rid of those nerves

  • Proven, easy to use techniques to calm speaking nerves
  • What your physical body needs to help you speak calmly and with confidence
  • How to overcome limiting beliefs and negative self-talk about speaking out loud
  • The best mindset for speaking success


The secret to building rapport with others

  • How body language helps or hinders you
  • How to master the rapport building basics of eye contact and facial expressions
  • What your audience is thinking when you’re speaking
  • How to manage your emotions when you speak
  • Rapport building traps to avoid


How to master the volume of your voice when you speak

  • Why being heard when you speak is so important
  • The easiest technique for turning the volume up, even when you feel nervous 


How to pace your speech for success

  • Understanding why controlling your speech is so important
  • The 4 things your audience are trying to do when they listen to you speak
  • The perfect speed to speak at


The perfect posture for presenting

  • How to master the physical experience of speaking out loud
  • How to look more confident than you feel
  • How to give your body what it needs to succeed
  • What to do with your hands, arms and feet when you speak
  • How what you wear affects your performance
  • How to build rapport in front of an audience

Get immediate access after purchase


Self study at your child's pace


Revisit the course any time with lifetime access


2.5 hours of content over 10 videos

Sleep easy knowing that you’ve taken action to give your child life-long access to the foundational life-skills they need to really settle in, fulfil their potential and be happy at school.

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Will my child be learning ‘live’ online?

No. The content is available through a series of 10 short, focused, pre-recorded videos which means your child can watch and re-watch the course content at their leisure, as often as they like, from wherever they are.  The techniques shown in the videos are easy to understand, simple to learn and easy to integrate into a variety of everyday situations they will encounter at school or at home.

What age is this content appropriate for?

Whilst the skills and techniques shared in the videos are as relevant to adults as they are to children, the way in which the techniques are described and the examples used to bring them to life mean they are most relevant to children aged 10-16 years old.

What if I purchase the course and my child won’t watch the videos?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone if this is your reality! 

Children will engage best with learning they want to do, that is delivered in a way that helps them without making them feel vulnerable or under pressure.

Once purchased, you will have life-long access to this course, so until such time as they are eager and willing to improve their social skills by watching the videos themselves, consider watching the content yourself and adopting some of the techniques yourself at home or socially when you are with your child which allows your child to copy you and learn the skills without even realising it.

As each video is under 15 minutes in length, you could also consider playing them from your phone or laptop when your child is within earshot. This may result in them becoming curious when they hear stories that they can relate to, and will grow their interest in improving their social skills on their terms!

Do the videos need to be watched in sequence?

Not necessarily. The videos can be watched in any order and independently of each other, but if watched in the order they are presented, there is an undeniable flow of content as each new skill or technique layers onto the one previously shared.

Will my child have to do role-play to learn the new skills?

No. As the content is delivered as a set of pre-recorded videos there is no requirement for your child to interact during the learning process. Children are often reluctant to develop better social skills when they have to do role-play activities which can make them feel nervous or uncomfortable.

Everything they are taught in the videos is easy to learn, simple to practice and powerful to use. They will be encouraged to integrate the new techniques they are learning into their everyday activities without anyone being aware of what they are doing, or why.

However, if your child enjoys role-play and learns best from that type of experience,  then the skills are easy to practice with them at home within the family unit or your social network.

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