Hi I’m Beth!

Hi there!

I’m guessing you’re curious to know why I do what I do, how Conversations Unlimited started, and

where the passion for my vision came from….so let me explain


Over the last 25 years I’ve enjoyed the privilege of coaching people, both within the corporate world of H.R for John Lewis, and outside of it as a Speaking Coach and self-employed business owner. My passion and respect for communication was simply born from creating cultures where honest conversations united people around common goals and empowered them to find solutions that represented achievement and balance in equal measure.

My communication style evolved over the years as I learnt how to create space for people to be heard, how to ask the right questions to understand what the world looked like through their eyes and how to simplify language and concepts so everyone could confidently engage with a topic. I learnt the power of asking great questions, of embracing vulnerability and how having simple, authentic conversations builds relationships, sparks the best ideas, and resolves the trickiest of situations.

Through decades of public speaking engagements from board-room tables to stages and arenas across Europe, with audiences of just a handful of people to several thousand, I’ve seen how shared stories can unite an audience and that words have the power to heal, help and empower….if only we are confident enough to share them.


And then my passion for communication took on a whole new meaning when I became a Mum…

There is nothing more precious to me than the concept of the family unit and I’ve learnt that open and honest conversations about thoughts, feelings and ideas are important here too. Watching children navigate a variety of day-to-day situations in which they are required to speak out, or communicate with others in some way, led me to realise how many of the topics I coach to adults are just as relevant in their world…and so my passion to also teach children simple techniques and strategies to confidently communicate began! 

Everything I do with children is focussed around helping them to understand that their voice has value, their opinions are valid, and that it is possible to enjoy sharing their thoughts, feelings, and ideas publicly from an early age. The social, emotional, and mental wellness benefits of children and young people being able to do this without fear of judgement or embarrassment are significant. 

Children who can speak confidently in all types of situations develop greater self-esteem, establish meaningful friendships more easily, feel comfortable asking for help when they need it and have a greater sense of connection and belonging within the communities they are part of. Conversations Unlimited was created to play its part in helping people to be better able to communicate and connect with each other, generation after generation; playing its part in shaping a world where people aren’t afraid to have meaningful conversations. 

A world where children grow up knowing their voice has value, and where adults lead their conversations from the heart. That’s why Conversations Unlimited exists, and I’m so glad to see you here with me.